Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jodi Picoult and the Public Library

I like to read and am on my 8th book of the summer. I have written on here how much I love Jodi Picoult. (Thanks to KBF) I can even give you a rating on all of her books. ALL of them. I read My Sister's Keeper over a year ago and it ranks #2 on my list. I had been anticipating the movie debut. I finally had the chance last Sunday night to go with Jenny(who I have passed on the love for Jodi)and Bre(who had no idea but was game for all things out of the house). Review is as follows: Why is it when they make books into movies they skip on important story lines and make up dumb things? Montana had this whole story line...I just don't remember that being in the book. Jesse,the son, was never shown as the arsonist. I see a building on fire and I tell Bre, Jesse is an arsonist. JK not in the movie. I had heard they changed the ending and I was expecting an easier ending to swallow. Wrong. I think it was a tougher ending to watch. I cried so much that my eyes were swollen the next morning. Bre almost had 2 panic attacks. Jenny is made of steel and only cried slightly. Husband can not believe I paid money to cry. He still has no idea about therapeutic emotions and it being half the reason I write this blog. That being said, I still loved the movie but love Jodi's books more.
The love of reading brings me to the story of the public library. Husband does not want to send me to Books A Million Anonymous so I check out books for FREE at the local public library. I need to preface this by saying one Christmas break while I was in High School, I worked at the library. I was "not a fit" for the library. I talked to "patrons" instead of ignoring them and just shelve my books. I was never allowed to answer any questions made by "patrons" because I was not suppose to talk. That job lasted 2 weeks. because the public library employs nazi's. I have several stories to back it up but here is what happened to me Tuesday.
Mommy Roach places 5 books and 2 movies on the desk to check out. Daughter is doing the potty dance. Son is mad because he had to give the books to the nazi. I give the nazi my card.
Nazi scans card.
Nazi: Your card has expired.
Mommy Roach: Oh, ok. What do I need to do?
Nazi: You will have to do it next time. I will let it slide but I mean this has expired. You will NEVER be able to renew online.
Mommy Roach: Well, I am sorry. I have time today to do whatever I need to.
Nazi: No you have to fill out a WHOLE piece of paper and I would need your driver's license. I mean your card is suspended.
Mommy Roach: Well I have my driver's license and can fill out a piece of paper. It is not that big of a deal. You act like I owe you money or something. This is a PUBLIC LIBRARY. It is FREE for goodness sakes.
Nazi: Here and fill and this out. (looks at the next "patron" in line) I am so sorry sir.

Note to self: Every 3 years your library card expires. There is no date on your card to notify you. The nazi's will not send you anything letting you know it expired. You will expected to know that in 3 years and then ridiculed in front of "patrons" for your SUSPENDED card.


Tricia said...

Oh my... so sorry that happened. I hope it did not happen at Pelham after I suggested you go there!

Did you know there is a $5 Christian book store in the Galleria? They have Christian fiction as well as other stuff... maybe Joey will let you shop there occasionally!


Bre said...

I am cracking up. It's even better written down...LOL

KBF said...

Wow! Have never had someone be so rude at Hoover library...and they have a self checkout so you don't have to deal with the peeps if you don't want to.

I didn't like the movie at all..If you hadn't read the book, you might not have gotten the point that the brother was supposed to be delinquent. Hello...the dad is a firefighter...son an arsonist...see the contrast Hollywood people?

Also, don't you think if they had left the ending the same as the book the movie would have gotten so much more buzz b/c everyone would have been talking about the "shocking" ending of MSK?