Monday, July 20, 2009

Nice Summer Day

After being at the beach, it was so nice to come home to this wonderful weather. I am now longing for football games and Saturdays at Auburn. I can smell the BBQ's and hear the cheering...I digress. SIGH. So we went on "a hunt" to the park. I had plans and a map of a park in Birmingham but 2 minutes into the ride I realized the kids were a little too impatient today to ride a long way. We detoured and went to an oldie but a goodie.
Orr Park is located in Montevallo, AL. I always forget how nice it is and how much fun it is for the kids. They have things carved in trees that are amazing. The kids love to run and find different ones that they have not seen before.
They have a creek at the park and my kids always end up in the creek. With only the towels I brought for us to sit on for lunch I said "just get your feet wet." Famous last words. They were soaked and had to ride home in just towels! "No mam, I am not soaked down to my underwears."
Photo courtesy of son. It was suppose to be hat day but Mommy Roach was the only one left with a hat at the end of the day.
Wow, I am really starting to love my camera...

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