Monday, July 13, 2009

Cheap Twin Fun

What to do on a hot summer day with your cousins? Play in the irrigation system in your underwear. There is no shame in underwear play in the front yard. I know that this will offend someone and someone will call us white trash. I just call it fun and less laundry.
These two are usually the ones that will be at odds. They both are "bossy britches," which they call each other occasionally. Today, these two were peas in a pod and only bossed me around.
This is them trying to aim the sprinkler head at each other. I am sure husband will think this is appropriate use of the sprinkler system. Where is Shep? He was not a fan of the camera. I have a lot of sideways shots of him but this is my favorite.
The older two broke away from the Wii only to come outside and demand the pool. I tried to convince them that the little ones thought the sprinkler was just as good as the pool. No luck. So off the 5 kids and I went to the pool. I am so thankful for these relationships. My sister and I are so fortunate to have children so close in age. There is always someone to play with and I know daughter will never have a bad boyfriend. She will have 3 boy cousins and 1 big brother to keep that under control. And I will remember the days when she played shirt and skins in the front yard...always crying to be skins.


Karen said...

We did the same thing with the kids last night but with clothes on. They had a blast! Madison even got the ring floats out for them "just in case it floods". I'll post pics later.

Bre said...

LOVE the shirts and skins comment...LOL

Erica said...

No shame in that!