Sunday, July 12, 2009

Yoda is One.

Yoda turned one on June 29th. I am so thankful for our little dog. He has helped ease our hearts with the loss of Macee and Sandy. He is the first little dog I have owned and the first boy dog. Pet Smart sent him a birthday card with a coupon for his birthday. Daughter got the mail that day and had to go immediately. So we loaded up Yoda and went to the mega pet store. Yoda got some more tennis balls since they are his life and he got this life jacket. Daughter saw it and had to have it. Yoda could be the most patient dog in the world and he allows us to humiliate him without negative feedback. I really think he is just glad not to be in a pink stroller which happens on a daily basis.

Husband's favorite part of the life jacket is the handle on top. It makes for easy carrying! Husband likes to throw the tennis ball and hold Yoda above ground and watch his little legs run in the air. Now some may call this mean but we just call it love.

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Karen said...

LOL! I didn't know Joey was doing that to him. Poor Yoda! He was too cute in his life jacket.