Sunday, September 28, 2008


I love Auburn. I am so jealous of my birthday twin getting to live there all the time! I mean where else can you meet people and get your picture made with them.

Knoxville Family came to town. Even though they brought all this orange stuff that was a weird color, and they put a flag on our car, we still managed to have a good time with them.

Husband's cousin, me and sister-in-law before the game enjoying Mikey Fresh's parking spot close to the stadium. I still can't believe I was hugging the enemy.

Another benefit from MIKEY Fresh, scholarship seats. How happy was husband about this photo? Not so much.

Not so happy things about the day: #1 Tony Franklin. We could see him, we could yell at him and he just can't seem to call the right plays. Doesn't he know he should listen to me?

#2 Reporter, "So Tubs, how bad did it stink this week?" I think Tubs was a little under the weather. He was dressed for 50 degrees.

Favorite Moment: Pat Dye in person. Does it get any better? The sight of him makes me cry. I wish he was my foster grandaddy.


Michelle said...

Why didn't you tell me you saw Pat Dye? Remember when we went to fan day at Auburn and stood in a forever long line on the football field to get our picture made with Terry Bowden? Why? I still have the picture.

Kristi W said...

War Eagle! Avery and I had a blast! Loved the 30 things about Joey...I learned a lot...and I am his sister! I used to see Pat Dye when I worked as a teller in autographs or pictures though... Love you all!

ps...will you stop calling me that name now?!?

Amy Leigh said...

Don't be jealous! OK, maybe a little. I can almost see my seats in your "club seats" pic. So there, I am jealous of you, too!!

Bre said...

You crack me up!!

Mommy of Three said...

Son was there with Steve - it was his first Auburn game! He had a blast. War Eagle!!!!