Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Husband

September 19th 2008
HAPPY 3-0 to my husband. He is a little depressed about his big day. So I thought I would share 30 things you might not know about him!

1. He was the lead singer in a band at Auburn.

2. The band name was Little Red Rooster.

3. He used to sing "Hoochie Coochie Man" on stage.

4. I thought Roach was his nickname and only learned it was his last name after we had been dating awhile!

5. His college roommate was named BROTHER.(Husband weighed 130 and BROTHER weighed 320)

6. He missed a final exam one year and told the professor he was stranded in Greenville due to bad weather. (IT WORKED)

7. I had him get some moles taken off his leg, after watching a Today show episode about skin cancer.

8. He loves to fish and took me on many fishing dates!

9. He took me to a Willie Nelson concert and we sat on the front row.

10. He would take me to the Tuskegee National Forrest to spend the afternoon playing with our dogs!

11. He loves breakfast food all the time!

12. I have been washing his clothes since he met me!(1996)

13. He is a tennis freak.

14. I have only played tennis with him once. (Do you know how much running around that requires?)

15. I have never seen him enthusiastic about anything.

16. He is not a big people person.

17. He says he married me so I could talk for him.

18. He is an avid hand washer.

19. He has obsessive compulsive disorder.

20. He checks and rechecks locks, alarms, doors, stove, etc.

21. Then he checks them again.

22. He is a faithful, pessimistic Auburn fan.

23. His two least favorite things in life are ironing and bathing the kids.

24. He now sings for the kids at our church and they think he is soo cool.

25. He now plays daddy more then guitar.

26. He takes our daughter on dates more than me now and she calls them "gates."

27. He now plays t-ball and catch more then tennis with son.

28. He would give us the world if he could.(He gave us YODA)

29. He loves me 1/2 as much as I love him.

30. He will kill me for this post because it is all about him.


Karen said...

Happy Birthday Joey! Hope you have a great day!

Hoochie Coochie Man? Would have loved to hear that!

Love ya!

Kristi said...

First of all, that is hilarious you did not know his last name when you first started dating. I thought that would have come up pretty quickly...
He will love you telling all of his OCD characteristics!
Awwwww...a Willie Nelson concert?

Bre said...

I cannot stop laughing...the picture tops it all off. I'm with Karen, my favorite is Hoochie Coochie Man, Happy 3-0 Joey!!!

Michelle said...

What did you do at the willie nelson concert??? Don't tell people you went on fishing dates, or a national forest to play with dogs. Those are both outside activities that require bugs and dirt and yuck.

Happy Birthday Uncle Joey! love, shep (and the rest of the family)

Cyndi said...

Happy Birthday Coochie Man! That's really gross. I hope you will sing that one for us all sometime soon. Have a great 30th! Enjoy it b/c your body starts to fall apart at 30 you know-just look at me. It's all downhill from here!!!!! Aren't I so positive?

Tricia said...

Happy Birthday Joey!

I love this post Marsha, I will have to get James to read it when he comes home, he needs some good laughs right now!