Wednesday, September 24, 2008

People Passing Through

I have had many friends in my life. Some friendships end while some are just beginning. I have had times of my life that have been full of friends. I have even been through periods of my life with little to no friends. But the older I get, the more I realize what true friendships are based on. Not on competition, not on jealousy, not on lies or materialism. My truest friends are the ones I can be real to. The friends that laugh with me but will cry with me to. This week when something awful happened to my daughter, I had friends almost cry with me. I have friends who take care of me and my family when I can not. I have friends who will call me out when I need to grow up. I have friends who will just love me for where I am and not for where they want me to be. I am blessed.
But we all have had friends that have moved away or maybe just moved on. My dearest, Jaclyn, is moving. We had a not goodbye lunch today. No tears. Just excitement for her as her husband has answered the call into the ministry full time. They are leaving their dream house they built near family to trust and follow. WOW. Could I trust as much? I have watched Jaclyn grow so much since I first met her. She would never admit any of this to anyone but deep inside she is STRONG and already possesses the strength she needs. She is the only person I know who is as beautiful on the outside as well as the inside. She is the friend that may not call you on the phone but will leave you a present on your doorstep or a card in the mail. She is a wonderful mommy but never gives herself credit for anything. I am better for knowing her.
So tonight I am thankful for those friends that are just passing through this thing called life.

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Karen said...

Had a great time today! We will miss you Jaclyn! We need to plan a road trip one Sunday morning & go see Shane in action.

I am very blessed to have such good friends also! It is nice to have that kind of relationship where the little things don't matter.

Love you lots!