Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Love to Me

War Eagle!
Took both kids to the game Saturday. It was so fun with all the kids and adults. Little hot. Lot a walking. Lot a complaining. Lot of laughs. Lot of memories.
Started back to work at the Nook today. Not so bad. 3 babies was hard work. I don't want to say that out loud because next week I will have 9! But I will already be getting a sub for Thursday so Prayers for me. I am having surgery in the morning and will probably be behind curtain four. My favorite GYN is operating on me at Shelby and I am most concerned. He thought it was closer and more convenient. I just think it is kinda scary. To all my friends and family pulling carpool duty, childcare and food prep, I LOVE you. To Kristi-the food nazi's want to know what you will be preparing and want to know if you know the sodium content.
I had a dream last night, while they had me under they did a little lipo. Then the food nazi's were so excited.
I will not be sleeping at all tonight. So if you want to talk - just call me.


Bre said...

You are so funny!! We will be praying for you and your children are in good hands :) Your daughter is sound asleep. LOVE YOU LOTS!!

Karen said...

Tyler is asleep also. Good luck tomorrow! We are praying for you! Love ya!