Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mid life crisis has begun

I have been trying to go through a midlife crisis for sometime.
1. Son started big school
2. Doctor said NO MORE BABIES
3. Doctor then burnt the uterus.
4. My job stinks, stinks, stinks
5. I went to college and got a degree, where is it that thing?
6. Who am I with no kids in diapers or bottles?
7. Social worker license = expired
1. Who am I?
2. What is my purpose?
3. My job was suppose to help my husband and provide some cushion to the budget. Not so much cushion. My job used to pay for groceries. Not anymore. It doesn't even pay my gas for the week.
4. How do you reenter a work force and still have child care?
5. What does God want me to do with my life?
6. Should I go back to school?
7. Are there part time employment opportunities that will work with my childcare already in place?
These are just some of the questions, I am asking myself tonight.
Other deeper questions are:
What will they say about my life when I die?
Who did I serve?
Who did I win for Christ?
What work did I do for Him?
I have struggled with this my whole life. I always needed a job with a purpose tied to God. I went into social work for goodness sake. I always worked for non-profit organizations. God uses wounded healers and that is me. I know the right job is out there for me and God knows where it is. Pray for me, as I open my eyes, ears and heart to find the right job for me and the job that comes with a purpose.


Michelle said...

You could move to New Orleans and stand on the street corner holding your bible and reach out to the lost.

Seriously...you are just at a transition in your life. It's called growing older. Your heart will lead you in the right direction because that is where God speaks to you. Usually I have found that in these cases we know deep down the answers to our questions because we are children of God and we can hear Him talking to us, even though we don't think we do. The hard part, or the scary part, is following through. Listen to your heart, to what God is telling you, and follow through.

Tricia said...

Hey Marsha
I am so sorry you are having a hard time these days... I will be praying for you, for wisdom, guidance and direction from above. Remember I am always here if you need to talk...

I was at the Pelham library today and they had a sign up in the elevator that they need part-time help... but I have to ask, do you really need and/or want to go back to work... is that what God has for you? Just felt I was supposed to ask that...


Kristi said...

I have been asking myself those questions too- except the uterus and baby ones. My husband would LOVE for me to use my social work degree but everyone knows that. So sorry you are having a hard time. You and Cindy better not go off and get a job and leave me! Could we find one that is split 3 ways? We can study for the SW exam together. If you need childcare, talk to me. Do you pay as much as the Nook? I have a good reference-Jen.

Michelle said...

Kristi - who said jen was a good reference?

Hi Jen...love you!