Sunday, August 3, 2008

Date Night

I have patrond sips and strokes before with just girls and had a wonderful time. But Friday night the girls decided to drag the boys along for a fun date night. Husband was not gung ho! He could not believe we would paint for three hours and pay to do it! It was Auburn/Alabama night and I convinced him boys would be there! (In fact, I knew Joseph and Dave would.) Let me just say, as far as favorite date nights go, this will rank among the highest. Husband would agree. The boys decided to sit across from us and took their painting very seriously. Husband thought flashing Bre with his apron was the highlight.
I thought him trying to get the apron on was a highlight.

Dave broke rules by choosing different colors. And he was very serious about it!

Joseph spent his time charming the 60 year old ladies beside him. I think they were trying to take him home.
Even Bre was able to make her Big Al, girly!

She wanted me to put a bow on Aubie and let that one be for daughter. But I reminded her that Aubie could not be a sissy only a fat elephant!
Cyndi gets the fastest painting award. JK. When we left Cyndi was beginning the strips on her tiger. I spoke with her the next morning and she confirmed she did complete the painting and even ended her night at Waffle House. Now that is a date night that could not be beat!
Favorite sayings of the night:

"Waffle House scuttered and shuttered!"

"Poo Poo Mommas!"
"She has a lighter in her bra!"
"Look at how red Joseph is!"
Vote for your favorite painting! If you have not been yet, GO! Alabaster is next on the list to get a Sips and Strokes. So plan a girls night or take your spouse! So much fun!

Husband hiding behind his painting!

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Karen said...

Looks like you had fun! Too bad Allen shot down that night for us. After the stressful week we had in the hospital with Trey he wanted a date night with just his wife. Sweet! I think he just didn't want to paint! :)