Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Brother In Law Won!!!
After a fabulous pre-celebration party at Buffalo Wild Wings. I think there were 30 of us. Kids accounted for half. And was I the only adult to eat at the table with them? Thank heavens for sweet Bailey who just sat by me and talked. I did not think I would make it through that restaurant without a little help from SISTER.
I brought 15 red,white and blue balloons for all the kids to take home. Brother in law said, yeah that is just what we need, something to draw attention to ourselves. I was glad to see most dressed in their red, white and blue. I think daughter looked the cutest.(Besides all the other little girls there!!)

Mother never knew such fun. Instead of all boys, she had all girls. And husband bonded with sweet Brenna who decided against big sister advice, he might be cool after all.

SO PROUD OF U Brother-In-law. Now we need to talk about a minor incident on my record, it happened back in 19 of 95. It involved a run in with Johnny Law of the Pelham location and I just need to know that , hum hum, it is clear.



Jenny said...

Kaylie likes Joey a lot more than she likes Joseph. But Brenna and Joey are definitely big buddies. Yay for Scott! Thanks for including us in the fun!

Bre said...

You crack me up!! We had so much fun, why did Sister forget about me???

Kristi said...

Tell Scott I don't think it was the balloons that drew attention to our group-it was the 13 or so kids taking over the restaurant. At one point we lost Georgie. We were looking across the restaurant when someone commented "Look for the white balloon". Sure enough, we saw her balloon overhead that was tied to her wrist. Another funny was when Wynn found a Nintendo DS on the arcade. He knew who's it was-he looked in Tyler's direction while trying to stuff it in his pocket. We should do that more often and Marsha can be in charge of the kids table :) You made my daughter's night by sitting with her. She would rather hang out with my friends than her own.