Thursday, July 31, 2008

Husband no hablo espanol

We have a roof leak in our bedroom. Husband inspected the problem and determined it was a flashing issue. Mikey Fresh gave us a name of a roofer. We called the roofer and he said, "It is too hot to be on the roof." Okay, thanks. So friends of ours gave us a Hispanic roofer's cell phone number. Husband calls him from work and sets up an appointment. Husband calls me and says, "Carlos will be there at 5:15." Well Carlos was a no show. So husband calls the cell phone and Carlos' significant other answers. "ME NO HABLO ENGLISH. SI. SI." Husband, "SI. WHERE IS CARLOS." (very loud) Wife,"more espanol." Husband, "SI. WHERE IS CARLOS?" (louder) Wife, "more espanol" and hung up.

At 6:30 here comes Carlos. Ladder, ready to work. Husband comes inside and says, "Hey his name is Arnold." I ask him where in the world he got Carlos from. "He had a Nextel. I couldn't understand him." I think Arnold told him he was in the CAR with LOS amigos.


Bre said...

I cannot stop laughing, it's even funnier when I read it than when you told me, but the best is the pic of Joey, I can't stop laughing!!

Karen said...

I am glad he was able to fix it for you! Thankfully when Allen used him he had an interpreter. Allen has since bought him a translation book, just in case!