Wednesday, August 27, 2008

People call me names

Bre reminded me I had not shared some stories on my blog. I have kinda had blogger block. But I feel unleashed tonight. I am not sure why but people feel like they can tell me anything. Somethings good, somethings bad and somethings I just did not need to know. Maybe because I too share the gift of openness. My last Sunday School teacher told me I had the gift of openness and realness. I am one who will just say it! Usually this gets me into some trouble but I just don't hide who I am. Therefore, I believe others feel they don't have to hide anything from me either. This can be a little bit . . . hard to swallow.
ex. 1 As you all know I am going to THE PLACE to lose weight. They are the food Nazi's. They called me on the phone the other day after I had been there to tell me after looking back over my chart, I ate one too many fruits on Tuesday. Should have only had 2 not 3. Forgot the 4 cranberries on my side salad would cause such havoc. Then the nutritionist explained I should not have eaten my can of Minestrone soup. I should have made it fresh. Now mind you, it was my son's birthday. I did not eat the pizza or cake or candy and opted for a 60 calorie soup instead. Then I got in trouble because of its sodium content. Then the lady looks at me and says, "You have a choice to make. You can either be obese or eat salt." She closes my folder and walks out.
ex.2 Our cable went out on Sunday. Cable lady, "They will be there Monday." On Monday, Canadian cable man, "They will be there on Wednesday." I said no today. They promised the technician will call me back . . . never does. On Tuesday, Indian man, "There is an outage in your area now and no one will be coming!" I request a supervisor. Supervisor, Indian Man #2, "Mam, are you stupid? No one is coming to fix your cable." I then said, I want to talk to your manager. There was no one over him. Customer service would not even talk to me. When the technician finally came, I told him my saga. He laughed out loud. He said, "Was it some guy in India that tried to say his name was Dave or Bob?"
So I guess, what I am learning is I don't really liked to be called names. And I can't believe at 31, I was called obese and stupid in the same week.


Kristi said...

You have alot of patience to deal with the food nazi's. I'm surprised with your openness, you haven't set them straight yet. I would go in with a Whopper and eat it at the accountability table.

klhcain said...
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klhcain said...

That's one way to make you lose - worrying about what they will say about what you did during the week.
I hope you reported the supervisor!

Tricia said...

You always have funny stories to share! Thanks for taking the time to share them, I miss you friend, maybe we can do lunch soon after your recovery!