Saturday, April 5, 2008

Nothing New

Kids watching TV together!

Sometimes life slows down and I rejoice! This week has been kinda uneventful. I needed that and God provided. Rain, rain, rain means no baseball. Sad for son but happy for mommy and daddy. We have had lazy afternoons picking weeds in the front yard. I actually cooked every night this week which has not happened in a long time! The kids must have actually missed me cooking because they ate supper every night.

I did book us a WHOLE week at a condo this summer. Mikey Fresh is selling the beach home so this is our first "have to pay for ourselves beach trip." Husband wants a nice long vacation so we planned, saved and budgeted for a WHOLE week. I know some of you go on trips all the time. But for us SAHM it takes a whole lot more planning and money saving for this to occur.

I am already planning my summer. Meaning, I am planning how I can get childcare during the summer!:):) Son is going to baseball camp for one week and basketball camp for one week. Daughter might do a dance class for 5 weeks on Mondays. And don't forget VBS for one week. I can't believe this is my last summer with son before SCHOOL.

I need you all to be planning what I will do after I drop him off at school. I will need lots support. Just typing this, it makes me sick. God has blessed me with such Good Friends! I am so thankful to all of you.


Sister is starting to let the twins wear their crocs.

Turtle is still alive.

Mother went out with a friend the other day and did not know how to go the interstate to Patton Creek. (I told you she did not know the interstate connected from Alabaster to Hoover!)

Daughter now looks in the mirror and says, "I am something else!"

Hope you all have restful weeks and lots of nothing new!


KBF said...

Sweet pic! Beach will be fun. Are you serious your mom didn't know that?

klhcain said...

Son will be fine at school and you will be, too. Not as hard as you think it will be.
I'm going to the beach with my children and grandsons - can't wait.

Katie said...

Glad you had a good week. MG is the cutest ever. They sure do grow up fast, don't they!!!???

Tricia said...

Glad you are enjoying your lazy days, we all need some of those! When are you going to the beach, we are going the last week in May, can't wait!

I have tagged you for a meme, come on over to my blog and check it out!