Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My testimony

I had to give my testimony at work today. I was really nervous. Husband went to play tennis last night so I could get my thoughts together. I was reading my Sunday School lesson and was reminded that it is not my story but HIS-Story. Really we all are just telling God's story everyday as we live out our lives. I prayed for God to show me what scriptures I should use and what I should reveal. Sometimes I don't have a very good filter from brain to mouth and I knew I needed God to filter my thoughts and words. Even though I work at a church, I work with unsaved, different denominations and ALL WOMEN. Who would not be a little intimidated with that crowd?
Right before I was to give my testimony, son's four year old teacher started talking about watching son learn how to read. I began to cry so I knew my testimony would be full of tears. I was right. I cried. I managed to get through the words. I really felt God speaking through me. Sometimes I think we are all too quick to tell of all the bad in our life instead of talking about all the joy. When I look back on my life not only do I feel blessed but I can't believe I made it this far! 10 years ago, I could never had seen myself in the place I am today.

On an excited note: Summer, Brian and their two kiddos are coming to stay with us this weekend. Last time I saw Summer she was pregnant. And now that baby is over 1! And VBS orientation is this weekend. Pray the Tshirt's come through!!

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Tricia said...

Hey Marsha
I am proud of you for being obedient and telling His story in your life, I am certain you touched someone's life.

I will pray for your VBS meeting, and I remember your ordeal with the shirts last year, I pray that does not happen again!!