Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Granny Roach

When I found out I was pregnant with son it was a total shock. I thought my birth control was not working correctly. The doctor in Birmingham had switched it a few months earlier. Husband and I had been married all of 4 Months. I thought since we were new to Montgomery, I would go get a new girly doctor and get my birth control straightened out. I was laying on "The Bed" covered in my napkin when a nurse came in and told me to get dressed because the doctor wanted to see me in his office. My thought was, how nice he wants to meet me with clothes on. I went to his office where he said, "Well you are my new OB patient." I quickly replied, "No. I just need a better birth control." He laughed. He kept repeating himself. Seems they test your pee pee at the girly doctor and mine came up positive. I was in a daze. At this doctor's office, you leave with a diaper bag and the book What to Expect When You are Expecting. I was crying when I reached the elevators. This sweet nurse asked if I was okay. I said, "I am going to be a Mommy Roach." I was forever changed.
The ultimate mommy roach is GRANNY ROACH. She is husband's only living grandmother. The doctor's have found cancer in her lungs and she will have some surgery in the morning to see if it is in her lymph nodes. Granny Roach is one tough cookie. She tells it like it is and has a sense of humor that I pray I have at 86. Granny Roach's daughter was murdered 18 years ago and the killer was never found. Granny Roach's husband died a year after their daughter. I look at her life and am amazed that life has not hardened her. She loves to listen to the Gaither's and never misses Dr. Phil. So tonight I give thanks and big prayers to Granny Roach.


KBF said...

Granny Roach will be in my prayers.

Tricia said...

Hey Marsha
I will definitely be praying for Granny Roach... please keep us posted, and let me know if you need me to do anything for you or your family.

And the comment you left me yesterday made me cry, it was just sweet and touched my heart... I am even crying now thinking about it, why am I so emotional today...

We miss you terribly and wish you were still next door, our new neighbors do not even try to be friendly, it is so sad. Hopefully our other new ones across the street will be nicer.

Miss you dear friend!