Saturday, March 29, 2008

What is Cuter?

Nothing is cuter then boys in baseball outfits. I have known this life truth for a long time. In college I was a Diamond Doll at AUBURN. Not to meet my sorority credits for campus activities but because I knew cute boys wore baseball uniforms! So imagine my joy to see my husband coaching my son in his first Tball game!! Son was a trooper. He has strep throat and we had out of town guest with us the night before. I don't remember a time when I have wanted to cry and laugh out loud at the same time.

Son seemed so big and so small in that moment. I know these times we have with our children are precious. When he got someone out, he held #1's to the sky. I thank God for those moments. Precious moments. Moments when he is still my little boy. I watched him sitting in the dug out laughing and talking with his friends and a memory of him flashed before me. It was of me rocking him in our den in Montgomery. It was just me and him. Husband worked very long hours and I had little to no friends. Son was my life. And just like that . . . it is gone. He is growing up and in a few short months I will drop him off at public school and drive away.

But for today . . . HE IS MY LITTLE TBALL PLAYER.


Bre said...

MARSHA ROACH...this is awful, made me cry. He did look very cute and I was so proud of him. Such a cute picture of him and his daddy. We love the roachy family and thank you for letting MG come over and play, Carter had a blast :)

Tricia said...

You made me cry too, but after my weekend it doesn't take much to get my tears flowing...

I agree, they grow up so fast, I just want to treasure every moment, and hold them a little longer when they want to be held,

It is a good reason to take lots and lots of pictures and to have a night out to scrapbook!!

klhcain said...

So cute and so sweet. Brought back memories of my little boy in his ball uniform and that was a LONG time ago. I won't say much so I won't embarrass him in case he reads this blog.