Thursday, April 10, 2008

Worst Day

Could you name your worst day ever? I mean the absolute worst day ever. Son declared that today was his worst day ever. And you want to know something . . . when I walked in to his room this morning, I too knew that this would be a bad day. He was so asleep when I opened the door that I took a deep breathe before I said, "Good morning, Roachy." He immediately cried. Then his pancakes burnt his ulcer that he got last night from biting his lip. He fell walking into the kitchen. His toothpaste fell off his toothbrush. His couldn't find his new crocs. His seat belt wouldn't stay buckled. He did not like the music on the radio. He was cold. He didn't like his lunch. His stomach hurt. He missed HOME plate when running in for the score causing an automatic out! His team Lost. When I tucked him into bed he said, "Have you ever had a day like this? Because I just don't think God was helping me today."
It made me think. If I knew today was going to be like this, had I imposed that on him. Had I already made up my mind how the day would be and therefore produced the negative result? Or was it just bad luck? I think a little of both. I am not a believer in luck. I believe everything is predestined and planned thanks to God. But I think our reactions to those things determines if we would label it a bad day or a good day.

Now for fun Stuff:
1. If I die soon husband just took out a new life insurance policy on me. The nurse came to take my blood and stuff. She did the same to me and husband. Except she measured husband across his chest. I said why did you not do that to me? She said well women don't like it. I said, "My chest is the only measurement I would not change!"
2. Daughter and son found a centipede. Daughter and son ran to Mrs. Brakefield to tell her. Daughter said, "We found a toysonous (poisonous) bug." Son said, "It was a recipede."
3. I want Mr. Turtle to die and live in heaven. He stinks and I am sick of him!
4. I forgot to register son for kindergarten. His next year counselor has a son on his T-ball team. She had even sent me and email reminder. I forgot. I never forget. What is wrong with me?
5. I called the Dr. this week and the nurse said, "Well with your age we should . . ." And then mother says, "It might be cancer. . ." THANKS.
6. Me, sister and Britney took our 7 kids out to a restaurant. I am not telling you where due to the DHR or police reports that may follow. I will say we got lots of attention. 3 out of 7 pooped. 2 out of 7 ate. We all have big purses with NO QUARTERS. Favorite saying of the meal, "Where is ____?" We were always missing one.


Katie said...

I don't think you caused the bad day. Sometimes bad days just happen. Laughing about the restaurant trip. I have so been there. It seemed like J pooped EVERY SINGLE TIME we went out to eat for a while.

klhcain said...

Maybe not registering son was in some way related to the fact you are having a hard time accepting his going to school and being gone all day.
Yikes! 7 kids and 3 adults - glad it was you and not me.