Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Family Fun

We are partied out this week. I think the word is partied pooped. Or maybe we are the party poopers. (Son would love this blog if he was reading it! Because potty talk is all the rave.) We had Carter's 3 year old party and Madison's 4 year old party. We also had Brian, Summer and their two little bitties staying with us all weekend. The kids had so much fun. Son even took a nap Saturday which has not happened in a year. Sunday we had our big VBS orientation. The t-shirts came in on time. We have 600 adult shirts instead of 300 adult and 300 kid sizes. But maybe that will be fixed this week.
Baseball game last night was exciting. Son got a TRIPLE! He cranked it to the fence. I do not know what is more exciting, seeing him do good or seeing him beam with his accomplishment. His team lost and this was son's first time not to cry after losing. I feel like he is learning to take defeat. It is so hard at 5 but I am thankful they do keep score and let the kids learn how to win and lose.
I am amazed at what parents say in front of their children at the ballpark. I am amazed by their language and how they speak to children. It scares me to watch son's face taking in all the words surrounding him. Husband and I are baffled by this and are constantly looking at each other saying, "It's Tball."
The kids both have big weeks. Wheel Day, Water Day, Field trips, ballgames, etc. I am counting the days until summer when we can SLOW down.
For those that care, turtle now lives outside. He is still in his cage but on the patio table. I still have to feed him. I thought he would die when it got cold the other night. BUT NO . . . apparently he likes it outside.

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Tricia said...

Very cute pictures...

I know you are so very glad that Mr. Turtle is now living outside!!

I also am looking forward to slower days, though things around here have slowed down a little and it is sooo nice!!