Monday, May 11, 2009

My mother's day reward

Mother is now a NANA. Daughter asked me the other day how will I know where her house is when she had kids of her own. I told her, I will be like NANA and I will always know where you are and I will always keep up with you. I know I will probably never measure us to NANA in daughter's eyes but I am blessed that God chose me as her daughter. I was a snooper growing up. Always looking for a hidden Christmas gift or present...and one day I found a journal. I started reading it and mother had written down all her prayers for me. Prayers to pass a test, prayers to resolve a conflict with a friend, prayers for my mother covered me with prayers. Being thankful for that or saying thanks doesn't seem enough. Daughter is really looking more and more like Mother to me. I am so blessed to live close by my mother and am thankful that daughter has a special bond with her!
Why are we so happy? Because we did not have to eat lunch next to our kids! JK. I am sporting my new necklace husband ordered for me (with a little help and link sent by me to him). It has son and daughter's name on individual coins. It is simple and just what I wanted! Thank you husband for clicking.
Grandmother took all of us out to eat after church. If I talk about how much she means to me, I would never make it through this post. I can not think of a moment in my life that she has missed and now she is there for all the moments with my children. She is not average or typical. She is extra. Extra special, extra funny, extra sweet and extra loving. My kids have acted awful in front of her and she has never spoken a harsh word about them but instead has loved them and told me this too shall pass. On a day when I should be taking her out, she took us out. That is my Grandmother.
When did these two grow up? I mean these were our first babies. Please slow our time down with them... I pray they are always close friends and look out for each other.

Meanwhile son is still playing ball. Of course I never get video of homeruns (8 for the year). So here is a triple. Still some of my proudest moments of my child are on that baseball field. I LOVE IT!!! HAVING A BALLPLAYER ROCKS.