Wednesday, May 20, 2009

2 Days from Disney

We are two days out from Disney.
Here is how the week is going...
Saturday night: Daughter up all drainage
Sunday night: Daughter up all night . . . earache . . .no drainage
Monday: Daughter, fever, pink eye, doctor, bad news ...needs new tubes. Tube is clogged! (I asked this 4 weeks ago about the same ear when no drainage occurred!)
Tuesday: Daughter wakes up with snot coming from eyes and nose...looks awful
Tuesday afternoon: Son gets Super Reader Award at school but I don't get any pictures because my camera fell and broke. My camera broke days before documenting the wonderful world of DISNEY.
Wednesday: Pick up my car after being serviced and the small crack I had gotten on my trip with husband back in February had now spread the length of my windshield. Husband as you can imagine is already done with the trip and we have never left. He did go and get me my birthday(June) and anniversary(July) present today...

Our plans for Thursday now include a trip to the ENT where a small procedure will take place to unclog the tube in daughter's ear. I really feel my Funny Freaky Friday will be nothing but the good stuff.


Amy Leigh said...

You just had to get all the bad stuff over with for the week, so that Disney will be nothing by joy! Love the new camera. Jealous. PS--that is a very early present. Could Joey talk to Mike about birthday presents??

Erica said...

It can only get better! In 2 days, you will leave all your worries behind!