Thursday, May 21, 2009

Funny Freaky Friday

Update:Daughter's ear is remaining clogged for the trip. It will be unclogged when she gets new tubes in June! :)
Now onto the things that I am consumed with this week...
I am obsessed with the Jon and Kate scandal. And the fact that the commercials for the next season keep saying, "Jon and Kate will meet for the first time..." WHAT? On camera? For the first time? Just saying...I am obsessed. I can't even talk about it without getting emotional. I sometimes think about sending the email telling them the pains of divorce and affairs. Just ask my dogs. Sweet Sandy gets to go to mothers while we are on vacation. She will be fed, loved, walked and spoiled. Yoda gets to get neutered and go to daddy's, where he will probably be put in a pin.

I get the feeling we will look like the above photo when we pull into Disney World.
Husband's parents came to visit for daughter's recital. I think it was real exciting times. Notice husband and I are the life of the party. I guess we did not want to be rude and take our nap in the bedroom.
Daughter never naps. NEVER NAPS. That was before we borrowed sister's double stroller for our trip. We have found her like this several times. This was her after the Kenny Chesney concert. Just sad.
Look at husband in this picture. If you did not know better, you would think he was having a good time . . .coral necklace and all.

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Karen said...

The picture of both of you asleep is so funny! I think my car will look like The Beverly Hillbillies also. Hope they let us through the gate! LOL!