Friday, May 1, 2009

Funny Freaky Friday

I want to start a new Friday blog about funnies. You know just to share the things and thoughts that go through my head...

Why on the Stein Mart commercial does it say they sale "High Fashion"? I am not a HIGH FASHION girl. I love a good target buy. I do have a new love of designer jeans but mostly I think Gap is High Fashion enough for me. I just never thought that of Stein Mart.

Swine Flu. I actually had someone want me to have daughter tested for it this week. Because she ran a fever and had an ear ache? I now want to dress her up in pink and paint her face like a pig. I think I will just tell her it is TOOT and PUDDLE day at school.

Son has gotten way to serious in carpool. He tries to exit the car very fast without giving much on the goodbye I have a new thing. When son gets out of the car in the morning for school I like to say things really loud to him. Examples: "It's Friday, Get your Treasure!" "Who rocks the school? I said a you rock the school!" "Whoo, Whoo!"

Sandy always left Macee(our lab) some of her food. Macee would stand and look hungry after eating all of her food and then Sandy would leave her a handful of left overs. Sandy still leaves her leftovers for Macee. It is like she is waiting for her to come home. It is so sad. If Yoda goes near the leftovers he is as good as gone. It is heartbreaking to see that food every morning. Then came the crow!
It is huge. It comes on my back porch and eats the leftovers. I am scared of it. It yells at me if I try to scare it away. It creeps me out. Then on the way to school yesterday there was a crow standing on the railroad tracks. I look at it, and it starts yelling at me. I feel like I am in the twilight zone. Like they are following me. I now have Corvidophobia. I am thinking of getting a BBgun.


Tricia said...

You crack me up... I sure do miss having you next door!

Have a great weekend!


Frankie said...

Your crow was on my trash can today. I told him he was on the wrong street. :)