Saturday, May 16, 2009

Baby Take A Bow

Her first recital!
I love being a parent and celebrating those first moments. I was sad it came during my son's tball game (where he got a home run and several outs at first!) but it was so much fun. It was a rainy day here but her hair held up great with tons of hairspray! She let me roll her hair again and put on makeup! This is her in her pj's headed to perform.
Mother was a big help with make up and entertainment. Trying to keep her off the floor with white tights was an ordeal! If you danced even in one recital, thank your momma! 2 min dance was a lot of trouble!
So sweet.
Madison and daughter with all their make-up on. I really could vision myself doing Tantrums and Tiaras.
Meme and Papa came up from Greenville to watch their only granddaughter dance.

My favorite moment was when she started instructing her class off the stage. Some were frozen and she was doing what she does best, boss people around. Where does she get that?Joey said this guy made it all worth while! Not his daughter, ELVIS!

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Karen said...

They were so cute! I also heard Elvis was good. I only saw 3 groups dance, one of which was the majorette. She was great! I agree, it was a lot of work for just 2 minutes of dancing.