Monday, February 9, 2009

Put me on TLC

It is a known fact daughter does not like her hair brushed. She does not like bows anymore, ponytails, etc. So I cut it off. She loves it and it fits her personality. But today was dance pictures and I talked it up to her all day. I told her Cinderella rolls her hair. I guess mother finally rubbed off on me! Mother told my sister and I that rolling your hair made everything better. If a boy broke up with us, she would say, "You just need to roll your hair." If ever I do roll my hair, I call her and tell her I rolled it in her honor. If I die first, she will make sure my hair is rolled. So today, I passed this trait onto my daughter and she let me! God found favor on me today. She even let me put makeup on her. Oh my, did I get into it. I felt like one of those mommies on TLC that puts her daughter in pageants. I could so see me going over the top. It was so much fun. And the results were little black feet girl turned into this!

Notice the leotard was we ended up like this in between pictures. Whatever works!
Look at her ballerina friends. They were all just as beautiful.
I said nothing was cuter then a little boy in a baseball uniform. I now know a little in a dance costume...just as cute.


Erica said...

She looks ridiculously cute!!! I love her hair! Adam told me about the freak at your sister's. We are so glad God was watching over them today.

Bre said...

Can't wait to show Carter, he will LOVE it :) She looks adorable!

Amy Leigh said...


Karen said...

She looks so girly! Love it!

Tricia said...

Precious... just precious. Maybe I need a girl... on second thought, maybe I will just borrow MG every now and then!