Thursday, February 12, 2009

The race of life

There are many races in your life. You run them everyday. I picked another race to run..I am running again in a 5k on Saturday. My goal is a 10k. But for now, I am running Saturday in the BE&K 5K. That is great and all but I came down with a yuck cold this past Friday. I feel awful. I went to run today and got my mile down to a little over 10 min. You should no that I started at 14 min. a mile. Pitiful I know but I started. I was so excited with my time today but I could not breathe and have lost my voice. (Husband is stoked!) And I think I might have over done it...I have a fever. Pray I can get a shot in the am before I have to put on a Valentine's party at son's school. How fast will I run with a steroid shot? My friend April is running in the half marathon...oh to dream. Maybe one day... (I think I use "..." too much. I blame fb) But my AWANA girls told me they would pray for me Saturday, so I have to run regardless if I can talk or breathe.
That face up above is running his own race and is in the midst of TBall draft. We still don't have a team and draft was Tuesday night. It is quite the controversy. We are not those crazy parents. We believe God decided this a long time ago. And that face that people are busy trading for could careless. In fact while it was all going on, he was in his room teaching his sister how to poot the loudest. HE IS 6. His aunt thinks he will make her some money. Husband wants a sign on bonus. I just want him to be 6 and me to get to cheer for him. Look at that face, he is still my little boy. Despite it all, we do it all for him!
Sister is also running a race in her own life. I pray for her and her family. The enemy is always near. He got even nearer for her this week. He was watching her and her boys. And even though she feels alone, evil is all around all of us. She is not alone. Once again, I am learning that only you can run your race. No one can do it for you. When I get to a hard part in the run, I say to myself, "NO EXCUSES," and I take a deep breathe and run. I pray all my friends run their race.

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Karen said...

Or we just wheeze ourselves to the finish line!