Friday, February 6, 2009


If you know me at all you know I love Auburn. It is not just football and after this year, that is a good thing. I had the blessing of living in Auburn for 6 years. I have recently been tagged and emailed top 25 list from everyone I know. So I thought I would give my 25 favorite things about AUBURN!
1. I met husband there at the end of my sophomore year in college.
2. Some of the coolest people I met in Auburn lived in trailers.
3. I too got to be trailer trash for a year and wire road was home to me.
4. You can take your dog anywhere. My favorite memories of Macee are taking her to Kiesel park and Chewacla.
5. Chewacla...Yes I swam in the lake and did not get a disease. Husband and I took many hikes, countless picnics and canoes in Chewacla.
6.The people in Auburn love the university and its students. There are several colleges that don't have that relationship with city they occupy.
7. I love downtown Auburn and when they put Christmas lights on all the trees downtown, it feels like home!
8. Niffers.
9. Momma Goldbergs.
10.Hickory Dickory Park...I helped build it!
11. Lee County Public Fishing Lake.
12. Plainsman park, Jordan Hare Stadium, and Beard-Eves Memorial Coliseum because you know why!
13. Everything you could want to eat can and will be delivered.
14. Country's barbecue because I waited tables there...I will never eat a sweet potato because of working there.
15. Toomer's leomonade.
16. J&M.
17. Samford lawn, I have pictures of son crawling here at 10 months.
18. You can walk everywhere.
19. Spring in Auburn is beautiful...I mean James Brown works there!
20. Haley Center, the most confusing building known to mankind and the reason AU graduates will never get stuck in a maze.
21. Live music, outside, amphitheater!
22. Mark at the Guitar Shoppe, he helped me find husband many a presents!
23. Wild Man Steve.
24. Nova, the current eagle that flies at football games. I am convinced that how long he hovers over the opposing team determines if we win!
25. "I believe in Auburn and love it."

With all that being said, husband and I are enjoying a weekend in Auburn with no kids.
War Eagle!


Amy Leigh said...

AUsome. WDE.

Erica said...

#19 is my favorite. Makes me feel like Pop Quiz Man is going to jump on out! Have fun in Auburn! I'm jealous!

Karen said...

Glad you are getting time away! Have fun!