Thursday, July 24, 2008

Anniversary, Pounds and Bees

Well as you can imagine the Roach house has been busy. Husband and I got a weekend alone for our 7 YEAR ANNIVERSARY. We spent the weekend painting 2 bathrooms. I painted a "chalkboard" in the kid's playroom. Husband put up a chair rail above it and it is super cute. the kids finally wrote on it last night. Son was so excited that he could now write on the walls without getting in trouble. He wrote, "Daddy Rocks! Mommy is a stinky poo poo!" Nice. He then lost privileges and all husband could do was laugh when son wasn't looking.
I am still with the diet(week 3) and working out hard. I am proud to report I have lost almost 12 pounds. And they took my measurements on Tuesday. I have lost 12 inches. 6 in my waist!!! It is a slow process. One pound at a time. I must say that no red meat, no pork, no fried foods and no sweets is starting to grow on me. I made the family hamburgers the other night and me grilled salmon. Husband said, "Does this bother you?" Absolutely not. Just having to make the hamburger patties grossed me out. However, I just did this cleanse for two days. You basically eat 6 0z of protein and lettuce for two days and drink this juice. Anyway, I was a little on edge so I wanted to get out of the house. I made sister run with me to the mall to take something back. When we were leaving, she wanted to stop and get a water at the cinnamon roll place. She ends up getting a box of fresh cinnamon rolls and twists to take home to the kids. I could have killed her. I had to smell that the whole way home. But I will say, she gets more excited then me on weigh in days. My body is in shock and my muscles are spazing out. I was most excited Sunday when I put on a skirt and it slid down off my hips! Please keep me in your prayers. I have made a year commitment and it is a lifestyle change. Pray I do not get obsessed. I downloaded several Prince and Adam Hood songs to my IPOD that seem to be getting me through lots of cardio.
Today was eventful for daughter. I got a call from MDO saying daughter had been stung by a bee. One bee seem to like her and flew into her hair. It got stuck in her hair on her neck. She then tried to pull it out of hair leading to several stings on the hand. By the time I got to the school and got her to the doctor, she looked rough. Thankfully SHE WAS NOT ALLERGIC! If you know my kids, this was a miracle. They did give her a steroid, some chew up pill and 2 suckers for being brave. It has been 7 hours since the sting and her hand is still 2 times its normal size.
On an end note. I married husband seven years ago but I dated him almost 5 years before the actual hitching. Reason # 1, 999 why I married him, I knew one day he would be the kind of daddy he is today. He sent this email out the other day to his guy friends and copied me on it, ENJOY:
Subject: Being a Dad
There's a certain part of your manhood that you lose forever when you find yourself blow drying the hair of your daughter's Barbiedolls.............I lost it tonight. Adam and Joe, your day is coming.Brian, you may have already crossed this bridge and choose to keep it to yourself....its ok, I understand. Chris, you may have managed to dodge this right of passage. I ,for one, will never be the same..............


Karen said...

I love that Joey dried Barbie's hair! I'm SO proud of you for all of your hard work with your diet! Glad Marlee will be ok & not allergic.
Love you!

Kristi said...

I hate that I was in the building and could not help with the bee situation...but you already know my thoughts on that. You can hand down your larger clothes to me-I need more church clothes.

Michelle said...

Kristi-stop it!
Marsha-In my defense on the cinnamon rolls: I only wanted a water and they had a $3 minimum for debit cards. Between the two of us we didn't have enough cash to by a stinking water so I had to buy something else. I was only thinking of my children. And yes, I can't wait to hear from you on weigh-in days. You have much more determination than I would ever have!