Friday, December 2, 2011

Some Happy

Psalm 46:1 God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.

Through tears there is always laughter in our family.

It is how we work.

I think it is how most of us work.

Sometimes we laugh so we won't cry.

Sometimes we laugh because we know our families so well.

For some of use we need a card, a joke or a hug.

For some of us it is a diet mt. dew, flowers on a table and apple cider in the crock pot.

Planning for our mission trip husband and I talked about how we wanted this Christmas to look different. I mean these pictures tell us how stressed our Christmas can be.

So this Christmas we hope there is more of a focus on what is real rather than what is not real. My dear friend, Jenny Funderburke, a kid minister and momma of two created an online Family Advent calendar that provides a great way to sit your family down and focus on the season. You can find it here. I am super excited about it because even though we will be traveling some during the holidays this will be easy to access away from home.

I have always decorated if not before than right after Thanksgiving. December 1st rarely made its way into my home without a Christmas tree to welcome it. I am happy to report that a pumpkin is on my door and ghost on my dining room table. I have joked about it for two weeks but could not bring myself to stress out about decorating with an already full plate. So we have decided to embrace the ghost and think it will top our tree as the ghost of Christmas past...I am completely kidding. I plan on something more festive for all involved.

I wish I could share all the happy stories we have been experiencing while preparing for our mission trip. If you look over to the right side of my blog you might notice God has used lots of people to support our trip. There are lots of stories of family, friends and even people we don't know who have given selflessly so that others might know Him. It makes you humbled.

It makes you cry.

It makes you laugh.

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