Tuesday, June 21, 2011

ALL Stars

The Roach house was excited about All Stars this year. We canceled a vacation and let both kids play. Daughter played for the 6U team and I got to coach her. She plays third base and she told me, "I own third base. Someone should put my name on it!" Confidence, she lacks none. I was so proud of her because she played double headers in the 100 degree heat ( and even pouring rain) and never asked to sit out an inning, never whined and played with all her heart.

Son whom I call Tbone on the baseball field had a blast. He played first during All Stars and he also had a big first. He hit his first out of the park homerun!!! This child can tell you how many homeruns he has had since Tball. He can tell you how many outs he made during what game. It is true that I am a loud baseball momma. I love to watch him play but I don't watch him bat. I put my head down. When I heard him hit this ball I looked at the third base coach who was making the signal for a homerun. I looked up to see the ball clear the fence and I yelled like a coyote yelping at the moon. When he touched home plate he pointed at me and smiled. Promise, I cried.

I don't think baseball or softball will matter when they are 30. I don't think Tbone will be able to recite his stats of youth ball when he is 40. I pray that what they will remember is me as their cheerleader. There is something about cheering for your child that you can't put into words. It is like cheering for your heart running around bases. I know when they are grown I won't remember how many gloves, bats and cleats I bought. I won't remember trying to get the dirt stains out of white baseball pants. I just hope we all remember the laughs, the fun and the chance.

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