Monday, June 6, 2011

Mississippi State Friends

I have Mississippi friends. They always turn out to be Mississippi State friends. I do have a couple Ole Miss fans on my friend list but these State friends are a rare breed. They have the cow bells and they bleed maroon and white.

I appreciate sport fans. If you are a Roach Reader you know I bleed orange and blue. However, truth be told we all bleed the same because of the blood shed for us. Meet my friends Amber and Dustin Polk. Amber and I met at church several years ago and were a part of small bible study together. My husband was in a men's discipleship class with Dustin. This is precious couple with a heart for Christ. They are in the process of adopting not one but two brothers from Russia. To help with the cost of adoption they have developed two websites. One is their blog where you can read all about their adventures and the other is way to raise money. Since moving across the state line they have been faced with a decision to choose Auburn or Alabama. The fans that raise the most money will get 6 new fans! Please go to and cast your vote and money. I will be so happy to see this family in orange in blue but more importantly to have two new baby boys at their house.


amber said...

Marsha, tears are streaming down my face! Happy tears:) THANK YOU for posting this! You are so sweet to support us but even bigger to help spread the love of Christ. This is all for His glory...Aubie cast, adoption dilemmas:) We endure it all because HE endured the cross for us! We have great joy and share much love from the overflow of what God has shown us! I am forever grateful for your love, prayer and support!
Love ya girl....amber
By the way....if AU wins, I'm painting my cowbell Orange and Blue. We'll get tickets right by the Roach's:) Muah!

Dee said...

What a great post for Amber and Dustin! You love all of your Miss State friends, don't you?? We bleed maroon and white about as much as you bleed orange and blue!! Anna Kate says if she doesn't go to MSU, she wants to go to Auburn. I hope this makes you happy! Thanks for the update on Dustin and Amber's adoption process.

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