Sunday, June 5, 2011

End of Aubie

The school year is over and I am thankful to have survived the last nine weeks of school in a cast. I had a purple and pink cast, a black cast and then my famous Aubie cast. To celebrate school being out and the beginning of summer, my Aubie cast got around on it's last days on my leg. First stop of summer, Zac Brown Band. Meet my friend Misty. She hooked us up with tickets and pushed my wheelchair self literally all over the place. Seriously. My sister who was also with us stated she would have left me. It was 400 degrees and all up hill. Kelly gave Misty a break in pushing but Misty even said a War Eagle one time in desperation to get me through the mass crowd. It was hysterical. I am thankful for friends who have taken me places when it was more work on them. It has not been easy being my friend.

We caused a riot. Never take a Auburn or Alabama symbol to concert. We literally were stopped all night with" War Eagle!" "Roll Tide!" "Can I take your picture?" Luckily once again the firemen came to my rescue and took over the wheelchair pushing. They took us to our VIP deck seating and checked on me through the night. I think they thought something else was wrong with me cause they spoke to me very s.l.o.w.

This is my sister and I on the party deck. ZBB did not disappoint. It was a fabulous concert and one I will never forget! Say a little prayer for her tomorrow she is having surgery. My poor mother. Someone send Peggy Sue flowers.

The next morning we headed off to Lake Martin. Aubie was not as much fun at the lake. I was dying to get in the water but settled for a boat ride and sitting on a porch with family.

My kids and husband enjoyed water toys and when I go back I will be the one in the water.

I only had one week to be stuck at home with Aubie. God decided to turn up the heat and I became very resourceful. I could not stand not being in the water any longer. So I have been in my pool for a week wearing my cast cover I use for showering in the pool. It is heaven and such a blessing after last summer.

Even daughter has been relaxing. Brothers make good escorts.

Bless you if you are still reading.

Tomorrow I will get Aubie off and start the hard part. I will learn to walk again. I will put weight on newly fused bones. I am ready. I am ready to drive. I am ready to swim. I am ready to sleep. I am ready to stretch my foot. I am ready to shave my leg. I am ready.


eimrek said...

Yay! So glad you are recovering and able to "step" forward in healing.

Jamie said...

We are ready for you to shave your leg again too! Ha! Just kidding! I'm glad this part of this chapter is coming to an end. I'll continue to pray for you and your family.

tamara said...

Good luck! Prayers for you tomorrow!!!!