Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Momma Kitty Danger

Momma Kitty is exhausted. She is still nursing. For those that don't know we kept two of the 6 kittens. I am a SUCKER. The black one is named Ortiz after son's favorite MLB player. Daughter named the stripped one Buttercup after Butter who is no longer with us. Momma Kitty is rarely ever called Peanut. She is always called Momma Kitty. She and I are about to have the uncomfortable talk about how when the kittens ask for it they are too old to nurse. But you know cats could careless what you say, so I am taking Momma Kitty in for her big girl surgery. In the morning, I must capture Momma Kitty and then put her in a carrier. My plan is to place the carrier in the back of the car. For some reason I also thought it would be a good idea to get Yoda's rabies shot tomorrow. So he will be with us also. Oh and I have two kids. The vet is a good 20 minute drive. Oh and son is allergic to cats. If anyone comes out of their cage our life will be in danger.

I tell you all this because if this happens we are in trouble.

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