Monday, June 9, 2008

Power Lab Week

VBS Day 1 was a success. It is kinda exciting that each year it gets bigger and bigger. I took a long nap after day 1. Husband is serving his country with jury duty this week. So he was home early and I napped! I am thankful God provided that time. VBS is so fun. I got to wear a lab coat, light up glasses and people still thought I was cool. Bre did not feel so cool in her glasses but I rocked mine! There is nothing more fun then watching almost 700 kids dance and sing to VBS songs. Our VBS is so cool we have a blog.

Funny of the day. Daughter and Carter convinced the preschool department that they were four years old today. They got to experience 4 year old VBS. Then Bre went to get Carter and they kept saying "Carter's sister . . ." Not only are daughter and Carter now 4 they are also brother and sister.

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