Sunday, June 15, 2008

Being Prepared

VBS was awesome. I have not seen God show up in a BIG way like that in a long time. Maybe because I am not looking at what is going on around me or because for this week in my life, it was not about me but about serving. The kids brought over $2,700 for This organization is run by a missionary and his wife from Westwood. His mother was my second grade teacher and she came and spoke to the kids. On the final day we were able to call him in Africa and all 700 kids screamed, "Thank you Jade. We love you!" Then they got to hear him speak back. I went into the ugly cry. I imagine it warmed his heart too. There was one child that asked for me to pray with her to accept Christ. I would later learn that her mother is dying with brain cancer. There was another child who led his parents in prayer one night and had never prayed aloud before! He made me a Thank You necklace. We also had a young father in our church congregation die this past week. On Wednesday, his funeral took place at the church. I watched how everyone came together to get the worship center looking like VBS had never been there and then watched them put it back up after the service for family night. Everyone serving, to make things right for the grieving family and right for the kids. VBS really went smooth. You try to prepare yourself for VBS but nothing can prepare you for how you will feel when 700 kids are singing.
Towards the end of the week we got a call saying husband should probably visit Granny Roach. We heard she had closed her eyes and not really gotten out of the bed. Husband had to go by himself and I was heartbroken for him. But leave it to Granny Roach to have the last laugh. She opened her eyes, talked to him and even got in her recliner. I guess she was tired of the same people visiting her. Granny also is preparing her family for her leaving. Making sure they know she is ready to go and she has PEACE. So it was no surprise to me that during our sermon today the preacher preached on being prepared to die.
So on a happy note, I will be trying to have a week with no tears. Son will be at basketball camp. Daughter will start dance. I am getting my hair cut and highlighted. And getting prepared and packing our bags for a week at the beach!!!


Karen said...

We are praying for Granny Roach!

I had the best time at VBS this week! Even Madison was sad that it came to an end! We can't wait for next year!

Love ya!

Tricia said...

Hey Girl!

It was so good to run into all of you yesterday... I am so sad for all of you regarding Joey's grandmother and will be praying.

Have a great week, sounds like you have a good one planned!