Sunday, June 29, 2008

Family Vacation

Well it got off to a rough start. We checked into our condo only for me to begin crying and husband to stop up the toilet in 2 minutes. Husband's head touched the ceiling in the kitchen. It was a dump. Word to the wise: "Do not trust the Internet photos. " I called the realty company and she immediately moved us to a new location. So we packed the car again and unloaded again at what I like to call, "A little piece of heaven!" It was Phoenix on the Bay II, sister was at Phoenix on the Bay I next door. The kids had so much fun and husband said it might have been the best family vacation ever. Let's just say the lazy river provided hours of entertainment for me. I would float by husband and he would give me a beverage, towel, book or Popsicle for daughter.

I was able to read two books at the beach. Which with 2 small kids that is a blessing in itself. The beach was full of sea creatures, jelly fish, sting rays, minnows and fish of all kinds. So I was glad we had a nice pool area because swimming in the ocean was not an option. We had to go to the public beach since we stayed on the bay. WOW. You should see the people at the public beach. You can tell which families drove from Michigan. They are in the water,300 feet out, scuba flippers on, and on a hardcore mission to enjoy the sand and water.

Daughter still loves the sand.

The place we stayed was really nice and the bath tub rocked. The kids thought so too!

But if you want lots of fun for your kids look at this pool and view. I will be back.

Early morning at the P.O.B. II!! Good for the soul.

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Michelle said...

I have so much to say about this trip! WOW the place was fantastic. What you failed to mention was how your place had security guards who took their job too serious and my place was considered the party pool! We must book our trip for next year. I wonder if we could take babysitters and get them their own condo to keep all the kids in. What about the fact that when we got home Tyler had strep throat, Shep and Wynn had fevers, I had a throw up virus, and Maggie Joe had a sinus infection?