Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's A Girl

Well sister finally did it! She has a GIRL. Millie is her name. She weighs 2 pounds. I am sure birth announcements are being constructed. Pink bows, pink clothes, pink crate, pink and green purse, pink toys are all around the house. Brother in law says it is the least manly dog in the world. Don't tell the nephews that! They love her. If Millie survives the twins, she will weigh maybe 6 pounds. Wynn put her in the washing machine and fireplace yesterday. Shep just carries her under one arm and usually be the neck. Noah walks her on a leash every hour. Cause you know a leash is required for 2 pounds. Sister has lost it for this girl. She has books on the dog, Cd's on training, a purse to carry her in, and the list goes on.
I have never seen something that cute. She is a solid ball of black fur. I have literally been at their house everyday since they brought her home. I find excuses to go over there. I am sure they will figure this out soon and start locking the door. My kids are just as excited. They want one but tell everyone, "We can't get a puppy until one of our dogs die." Husband told them this! Isn't that nice. I wonder if the kids are plagued by praying for one of their own dogs to die so they can get a puppy. That is just awful.
Leaving for the beach in a few days. I am so excited. I am getting my haircut and highlighted today by someone new. I am a little nervous but I guess it is better then Head Start. I tried to get sister to go for the bikini wax again, she refused citing prior incident. We did go see SATC the other night. I laughed out loud and cried. Wow, sister could be Carrie. PJ's, seclusion, aversion to technology, no kiss and tell, etc. Kinda scary.


Tricia said...

You are just too funny!

Have fun at the beach!

Michelle said...

I love her!