Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Last Friday, in an effort to kill time before the doctor, I took the kids to Lowe's. We left with 2 citronella candels, one trellis, one squirel feeder and one bird feeder. The kids were pumped. They were of course upset when the wildlife did not come immediately. In fact we waited all weekend. Husband told us (I was upset too) that they (the wildlife) had to survey the area and tell their friends.
Daughter was sick all weekend with the croup and we were just laying around waiting on something to entertain us. Monday, daughter was worse and we went to the doctor again. When we got home husband told us we finally had wildlife . . . 4 crowes! While we were watching here came Mr. Squirel. Of how much fun! They are quite the crazy animal. He/she ate upside down and would suddenly forget it was hanging on and then down it would go to the ground. He ate all day. We sat and pretended we were talking for the squirel all day. The laughter was out of control. The kids thought nothing was better.
We got up this morning and there was Mr. Squirel. We got in from Mother's Day Out and there was Mr.Squirel laying on my swing. Belly up. Food empty. He ate the WHOLE BLOCK of food in 2 days. I quess husband was wrong. He never told his friends. He saved it all for himself.
If that was not enough wildlife for 2 days, son decided he is taking Mr. Turtle to school on Wednesday for Show and Tell. I am sure Mrs. Brakefield will love it. Maybe it can be the class pet. Even if there is only one more week left of school! Maybe he could become the church pet. One can only hope.
On a happier note, Granny Roach's test showed no cancer in the lymph nodes. She will have another biopsy surgery done on this Thursday to test the cancer in her lungs.


Tricia said...

Sorry Marlee is sick, but glad you all had lots of laughter this weekend,that always makes you feel better...

Praising God with you for a good report for Granny Roach, will continue to pray for more good reports!!

Mommy of Three said...

Praying for more good results for Granny Roach!
Your kids are so precious!