Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The End of MDO

Last week of MDO and I could not be more excited! I love my little babies in my room but I don't love, love them. I am ready not to venture north on I-65 in the morning traffic with 2 kiddos. I am ready to say goodbye to some crazy mommies in my class. :)
I am a little sad because son will be graduating the NOOK. He has been going to school there since he was 2 and has grown up walking those hallson a rope. When he started the NOOK he had a paci and diapers. He has been so protected there at the NOOK. Not only are they peanut free:):) but they have taught him so much scripture!! He recites bible verses like the ABC's. He knows the book, chapter, verse, etc. He is able to pray every morning at school. He has prayed for family, dogs, sickness, friends, and even Mr. Turtle during prayer time. His teacher leads him in a blessing before meals and snacks. In music, he sings praise songs. Manners are not only taught but required. Now he can read, write, add, cut, color in the lines, etc.
What will happen next year in public school? There will be no time for prayer request and no blessings before his meal. Not even bible verses to recite. No kisses from the teacher. No mommy peaking in on him during my lunch break.
I am rereading the Power of A Praying Parent. I need to really do a better job praying for my children. I think I have felt in control of their little lives. I have had them so close and under my care for so long. I need to learn to let go and pray over them more for God's protection not my protection.

On A Happy Note!!
*Son hit his first HOME RUN Friday night!! I cried! (&Bre cried)
*Daughter is starting dance this summer. I can't find a tutu in her size, ya know little bitty.
*The twins now say my name. Wynn kisses me and pats my back. Shep, well Shep has always loved me and would go with me anywhere. But Wynn's new trust in me is heart melting.
*I got an IPOD for mother's day. I know I am a little behind the times but son is furious I got one before him. He now is declaring that he wants one for graduation.
*Friend Karen got son a FREE basketball goal. How pumped is husband? Beyond.
*I had to work the nursery at church with Brother-In-law. Can you see him in the nursery? It was like Nanny 911 hit the 2 year old class!


karen said...

I am glad that Tyler (and Joey) are enjoying the basketball goal! :)

Tricia said...

I pray that you have a nice, slow, and enjoyable summer! Maybe we can get together more since things are slowing down a bit...

I loved your post, it made me cry, and then made me laugh!

Have a great day!

Mommy of Three said...

You guys could look into school with my daughter - all the things you love continue - they use the Bible to really teach everything. It is amazing. (Daughter will be in 2nd grade. We are letting son repeat K4. They both love the school.) Think about it...pray about it...and if you want any info then let me know. (They are also looking to hire another K4 teacher if you know anyone interested.)