Saturday, May 31, 2008

The end, the begining and the GRANDMOTHER

It has been awhile. You would think with the end of school, end of AWANA, end of baseball, end of top gun . . . that I would have tons of time on my hand. Not so much. We are like 8 days away from VBS. I have been very busy doing HGTV at home! We moved in 3 months ago but I am just now starting my renovations. Right now it is hard to type because I sliced my finger open hanging new towel bars and toilet paper holders. Husband even joined the fun changing lights.
Summer has begun. The pool has also opened which has already been worth the money! The kids get out of the house, don't fight while we are there and then come home hungry, tired and ready for bed. And the pool atmoshpere is much different from our old neighborhood. I will say, I never knew Mommies got so "gussied up" (as Mikey Fresh would say) to go lay out.
Son got to go to baseball camp this week at the High School. He was such a big boy. It was an all day camp that was outside in the hot sun. I figured by day three he would melt down but he was actually excited to go back. Maybe school won't be so hard after all.
One day while he was at camp daughter and I had a manicure and pedicure together. I must say, having a daughter to do girly stuff with is lots of fun. She was so proud of her toes and nails. She picked the color purple and she picked pink for mommy which is going against my Linkin Park After Dark but everybody needs a change sometimes! Afterward we had to get grandmother a cordless phone and set it up for her. Grandmother is my mother's mother. She and daughter are a lot alike. They have the same nose. They love all sweets. They love bread. They love to laugh and love to get their way. Well, Grandmother has a bedroom that Husband and I like to call her station. She has a 52 inch plasma TV, a Craftmatic bed, a recliner that lifts you up and down, 3 coffee tables loaded down, a bookcase, a keyboard, 2 hand weights and two dressers busting at the seams. On each table and dresser you will find candy or snacks. Daughter knows the five-o on the candy. All the grandchildren frequent Grandmother's and leave with candy and money. The money she gives, the candy they steal! Grandmother does not give her candy easily. On this day daughter was on a candy binge. She was eating candy as fast as she could find it. I watched my eighty something year old grandmother stuff candy under newspaper so daughter would not find it. She was trying to give daughter money so she would leave her candy alone. At one point daughter found some jello fruit snacks and my sweet grandmother lied to her and told her they were chocolate covered raisins so she would not eat them! Then my precious Grandmother told my daughter that a blow pop had peanuts in it and she could not have it! Daughter left with a twenty dollar bill and a Hershey kiss.

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karen said...

Your grandmother is SO funny!