Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dear Teacher

Mrs. Brakefield,

I have started this letter several times. How do I even begin to tell you Thank You for teaching son. I think back to last year and me being uneasy that son would have a hard time with his Aunt being his teacher. It is almost laughable now. Now I wonder will you get to be his Aunt again or will you forever be Mrs. Brakefield.

He has learned so much. I am speechless with all you have taught him. You have colored, cut, glued, painted, read, taught, laughed and danced your way into his life all school year. Everything he could do before – he now does better. Things he could not even begin to do – he now does. But it is not just the schoolwork.

He did not just have his Aunt for his teacher but he had a friend. Someone to laugh with- someone to kiss his booboo - someone to cry tears of happiness when he made 100 on a phonics test – someone to recognize the signs before he lost his temper- someone to open his food or drink without him asking- someone who kept his secrets when you knew he was lying (i.e. He can tie his own shoe, He is going to Disney World, etc.)!

It has been a blessing to our family to have you as his teacher. I am forever grateful he had one more year of a teacher who loved on him and taught him about God. I will treasure all his journals. The day he wrote, “I like praying to God.” you came to my room to tell me. I know he will never have a teacher that cares as much as you do and did. I know he will never have a teacher who will know him like you do and did. I do know he will forever have a bond with you. He will forever trust you and love you. And so for that Mrs. Brakefield, I love you.

The Roach’s

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Tricia said...

What a sweet letter Marsha, that is something your sister will treasure forever!