Thursday, March 27, 2008

Motherhood and Aunt Life

Motherhood can bring a bag of emotions each day. Happiness and love are things you know your children will bring you. I think I knew there would be days that I would feel tired, worn out and DONE. I just did not know to what extent I would feel those emotions. This week motherhood is taking a toll on me. So to make me feel better here is my list:
Cute things the kids have done lately:
1. Son wrote in his journal at school, "I like praying to God."
2. Daughter calls Aunt Chell her best friend.
3. Son has strep throat and while he is burning with a fever he says, "I like being sick mommy because then I am so nice!"(It is true!)
4.Daughter matching her purple dress with purple panties and purple crocs.
5.Son trash talking during his practice baseball game and pointing number 1's up to the sky. (Says things like, "Who's your daddy?" "WHOA, Foul Ball" "I got your number mister!")
6.Daughter teaching another little girl to swing upside down with legs wrapped around the chains.

Aunt Chell is a very good aunt. She is daughter's best friend. She teaches daughter to do the beauty pageant wave and how to smile properly for pictures. I know she will also one day teach her about shopping with no budget, makeup, shoes and purses. When daughter was minutes old, sister was holding her saying, "Can you say Prada?" I know they have a bond I will never share with a niece because all I have is nephews. And really I am much better with boys.

That is why I, being the "good Boy Aunt" took my nephew to buy his first pair of crocs. I then bought my twin nephews crocs. 3 Pair of crocs for the Brake Boys. Sister hates crocs and has yet to allow this trend in her home. I then drove to her house where I cut the tags off the shoes and dressed all 3 boys in their new shoes. Then I told them to go inside and show mommy. Sister is really mad at me. Wynn's new favorite saying is, "I want Cocs." Sister is real happy about that word.

I don't really care that she is mad at me. I fell out of her car the other day on the concrete. Like fell completely out. Thought I had a broken ankle. Sister and her loving self watched me fall and said, "Shh. I am on the phone with the florist." I left her house only to get a call from Brother-in-law saying, "Why do the twins keep saying CAR-FALL-CRY?"

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