Friday, March 21, 2008


We have a big weekend planned. Son is playing TBall for the first time and WOW at all the time it is requiring. Son plays his first game next weekend. Not only will he be playing his FIRST ever baseball game but he will also be playing his SECOND ever baseball game right after the first one. You think he will be tired? But this weekend among baseball practices we have a Easter Egg Hunt that our church is putting on with the city on Saturday. Then Sunday we will have church and sister's pottery barn Easter event at her house. On top of our Sunday activities, me, Miss Personality will be ushering and greeting for 2 services. This will leave husband to do the Bunny Honors along with take the kids to church-looking cute. I think he can handle it but he seems not really up for the event.

Then just when I least expected it, me, Miss Type A gets a phone call from husband. Seems husband's cousins will be here tonight through Sunday. WOW. They are straight from Knoxville and have come to see UT play basketball. So I had to go get more food and borrow a blow up bed for the event. I hope they keep their UT paraphernalia in their car. I don't want our new neighbors to think bad of us just yet!

Every Easter two things happen . . . 1. I get a haircut or a highlight 2.We make a Resurrection Cake. Well, this year I got the highlight. Lets just say I look more August then March. The resurrection cake is always a hit. We bake a cake. Make a Jesus with Popsicle sticks. Make a cross with Popsicle sticks. Put the cross on top. Wrap Jesus with toilet paper and put him in the cake after cutting a hole in the side. We SEAL the tomb(cake) with a stone(cookie). This marks Good Friday at our house. Then before they get up on Easter I throw Jesus away - take the toilet paper and drape it on the cross and roll away the stone. The kids get so excited to see that He is Risen.

So even though the plans have changed, more people will be here, and my hair is too much, at least the kids know what Easter means.


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KBF said...

Wow..inviting yourself to stay on Easter weekend is a lot. Have fun at the egg hunt.

Tricia said...

I hope you all had a good Easter weekend and that all went smoothly, you always have something interesting going on in your little world!!