Saturday, March 2, 2013


I was digging through last year Belize pictures and found a picture of me at my heaviest weight. I don't need to list my excuses but it started with an ankle. Four surgeries over the course of two years and three years of inactivity will pack on pounds. Poor diet + Little movement = weight gain.

So what did I do?
Like Al Roker, I got ... Just kidding.
Mine is a different story.
It won't make People magazine list of who lost half of their body weight.
Mine is a story of healing of a different kind.
My ability to move and exercise is because the healing power of Jesus Christ. There is a story in the Old Testament about Jacob wrestling with God. He walks away from his time with God with a limp and his name changed. I remember reading that story after my ankle injury and relating to Jacob. That time of recovery and brokenness was a tender time in my life. I can see a different me before the injury and after the injury. I am not the same girl who fell down the stairs. I was changed. I was healed.

That being said, it is nothing I have done to lose weight. It is through His power and grace that anything happens with this 35 year old body. I did start the Weight Watchers eating plan. I did start doing what exercises I could. My husband and mother got me a stationary bike. I also have an elliptical.
My ankle has lost 70 % mobility.
It will never be able to run.
It will be able to tell a story of healing and a changed life.
It will be able to walk the jungle roads of Belize in 13 days.
It will work for His glory and His purpose.

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