Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Heart is Gone

I have not officially left.
I am still on the couch.
The list is long.
My mind is here, my heart is gone.
One more Saturday.
My own kids will be baptized in a river by the school probably Monday (3/18) before the school let's out.
My husband will be baptizing our children.
Our dearest friend Todd will share some words since the husband and I will be rendered speechless.
Others will be in the river that day.
Others will profess with their mouth that Jesus is Lord.
Cultures will combine.
Languages will unite.
And the one true God will be glorified.
I Can Not Wait.
I squeal periodically with excitement.
There are missionary friends I want to hug.
There are teachers I long to see.
There are kids I want to squeeze.
A Jesus I want to serve.
A hand I want to hold.
A song I want to sing.
A bible story I want to tell.
A book I want to read.
A Jesus I want to share.

(For geography purposes I posted maps of where we will stay. The school is inland. )

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