Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Baby Is Born

These beauties are hiding a new baby. A baby boy as a matter of fact. Yes, you with the yellow earing! These girls really know how to dress up a black outfit. I think the yellow brings out their eyes.

Oh there he is! My sweet, new, baby boy! Your momma is so smart to hide you behind weeds from the crazy lady with the camera.

The whole herd seemed rather enthusiatic about their photo shoot. No need to crowd girls, Momma Roach brought no treats.

Oh I could just eat you. What happened to your earing? I understand. Yellow is not my color either. Maybe we can get you an orange one!

I was sidetracked. Excuse me. No need to stick your tongue out. You-baby boy are the reason I am standing in ants.

Okay, you don't like orange. How about blue?

Sticking your tongue out will make your mouth dry. I am so thankful you have your own momma. I don't need anyone else that needs their lunch packed for school.

Oh baby boy. Your coat is so silky and new. I could show you. I used to show cows. I think you would be Grand Champion. We could go to the State Fair and eat funnel cakes!

Oh, dear! You earing got ripped out and now your ear is split. Don't worry about it. All the girls in Africa are doing it.

Now there is a show cow. She is even standing show ring ready. Front two feet together and one back leg a tad forward. She might have won best in show but she is a little crusty and needs a bath.

Back to you my sweet baby boy. Speaking of sweet. All my show cows had names. Lollipop. Gumdrop. I think your name will be ....Gummi Bear. Yes my little Gummi Boy Bear.

Go and grow Gummi Bear. I have big plans for you.

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