Saturday, October 23, 2010

Get Fired Up

I love that I completly to back to a child when I realize Bo Jackson is running through the tunnel. And I love husband looks excited and daughter acts like I am taking her picture. But can I get a throw your hands up?

This was at the Arkansas game. I have a whole "nother" post about LS who and number one in the BCS. Loving all the games this year. Loving time spent with my family. Lots of love later...but today can I get a Hands UP?


Jamie said...

So that's how the other side does it, huh? *Smile!* It's funny thinking of all the cheers and tradition celebrated at Auburn, when all I've ever experienced has been Alabama and the crimson and white tradition! It's been a good season for both so far! Congrats on the #1 spot!

Amy Leigh said...

I love it! So glad Joey came "under the tent" this week. I have loved seeing y'all this season and I am pretty sure it has something to do with being undefeated!