Sunday, October 10, 2010

Possum #1

I am thinking Billy the Exterminator might have met his match. By the way, Billy, owns us. Daddy Roach and I love to watch him and hysterically laugh. If you have not seen the show you are missing out. Billy seems ill prepared to catch his animals kinda like we are around the farm. With this farm came two cats. Son is allergic to cats but we agreed cats on the farm are a necessity. It has taken us months to get one cat to even like us and the other cat will now occasionally come out of the barn and watch us. We have been noticing Manassas was eating a lot. Well then we discovered a very large raccoon and another large possum were eating from her dish as she sits perched on my car. So we decide we will set a trap. The first night of the trap we were all excited. We heard it go off and ran outside only to discover we caught Manassas. Now 4 days later we still have not seen her. She is obviously mad at us. But later that night we caught the raccoon...he being the large beast that he is busted out of the metal cage. However, I think Manassas will be back tonight because look who we caught...

If you wondering, possums, really play possum. This means they move their lips back and show their teeth making a hissing sound. They will also lay down and pretend they are dead by producing a foul smelling odor. Our possum did just that. Thankfully we have a Paw Paw who shows up early every morning to take care of the chickens we also have inherited. He said Possum #1 is living the high life at a swamp behind his house. Stay tuned for Mr. Raccoon.

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