Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Soo - wee!

Son woke me early this morning because he wanted to call a pig. I don't know why one would even want to call a pig. I grew up on a dairy farm and had no pigs. I think if we would have had the pigs, we probably would not have called them. We probably would have just shaken a bucket of slop and they would come running. I mean even the cows would walk a little faster for hay. My only memory of pig calling came from Charlotte's Web. "Soo-wee! (very high pitched) Here pig!" Well, this morning son went calling a pig "soo- wee! Here pig! Come play with me!"
Well the pig came even without that slop bucket. I tried to tell son all those hot dogs can not be good for you. My advice never has meant much around here and he is still wondering how this happened. After a short trip to the doctor and a quick test son turned into this...

Swine flu! And if he starts playing in the mud or eating stuff from the trash can, he is going to need a new barn.


preciousbabysite said...

That is so cute, yes children have such an imagination and yours soars , it made me smile today.
Thanks for sharing.
Jackie Savi-Cannon

Erica said...

Will you stop with the pigman? It gives me the heebygeebies!

I hope Tyler feels better!