Saturday, February 27, 2010

Donut Wars

Dunkin Donuts in new to our neck of the woods. But my good northern friend has been raving about it for oh so long. When they opened here it shut down four lanes of traffic. I mean people waiting hours for a Dunkin Donut. Daughter is now a fan of doughnuts after finally agreeing to "try" one at a baby shower. If you know anything about daughter, her thighs are the size of my wrist. She needs all the help she can get eating fat! So one day after school we went to see what all the fuss was about.
These are the three doughnuts we brought home. I am not a huge doughnut fan. I mean I like it but it is not something I ever buy. I have had my fair share of Krispy Kreme's and prefer them warmed. However, Dunkin Donuts won me over hands down. Their coffee might be better then Starbucks...(gasp brother in law Terry) and their donuts as they like to spell them are just splendiferous. The donut is thicker and cakier then the Krispy Kreme which is lighter and sugar glazed. Friends it is goooood.
This is when son had the swine flu but he and daughter both agreed best donuts they had ever eaten. I feel like a trader on my southern roots for voting for the typically northern donut. I have learned that it is a North vs South donut war and this Confederate momma just wants to eat what the Union eats.


Kristi said...

Munchkins are the best. Chocolate. We leave with a box and bag full of variety. Alot of people(including QB)does not like the cakey doughnuts. He refuses to eat them. I, on the other hand, can do w/out the gooeyness of glazed. I think this is the deciding factor on picking KK vs. DD

mom23greatgirls said... glad I have had some "northern" influence on you....if you really want to be a yankee you have to ask for a honey-dipped and an original....(for all you southerners that is a glazed donut and a coffee with cream and sugar)...NOTHING like it...(unfortunately when I ask for it the guy here had NO idea what I was talking about!!!!)